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Providing the food security system with the best products of frozen vegetables and fruits

Quick Frozen (IQF) TePre - Preparation Mealschnology

The meals have been prepared as per the standards of international quality and food safety, also we follow the good manufacturing and health steps of HACCP system. Quality is being maintained by
1) Conducting the necessary analyses
2) Adhering to specifications
3) Choosing the best raw materials
4) Following the appropriate methods and sequence while cooking and storing food during the validity periods of the product. 5) varieties of meals in different quantities are prepared and packed in special food packages in a modified atmosphere without preservatives even to maintain long-term validity.

  • Thermal-treated meals 
  • Frozen meals 
  • Chilled meals

Processed meat:

We follow our factory based processing,
1) Meats are packaged appropriately to prevent spoiling and contamination.
2) Seasoning processes of various types of meats through advanced production lines without touching human hands to the product.
3) During the stages of various preparation we make sure that the best raw materials and equipment have been selected by experienced and highly qualified staff in the meat industry.

Products For Mixes and Sauces

are ready-made. and we follow manufacturers recommendations written on the product for standardizing specifications for the concentrations, quantity and the process. There are approved list of 25 ready-made varieties according to the taste and flavour of the Gulf and according to the specifications and taste of the customer, the desired is achieved.

Fresh vegetables and salads production line

First and foremost we make sure that vegetables are fresh and clean before cutting, eating or even storing. The vegetable production line enjoys the producing varieties of fresh, cleaned and chopped vegetables according to the customer’s recipe with an extended shelf life of up to 10 days from the date of production and providing all solutions to customers through packaging in a modified atmosphere and without the use of preservatives in the production process.

Factory Bakery

It is one of the automated lines for the production of all kinds of baked goods and various sweets in packaging forms according to customer demand and on the basis of specific orders by maintaining high quality products and standards.