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Providing the food security system with the best products of frozen vegetables and fruits

CEO's Speech

At “Qoot Al-Hijaz”, I am honored to lead a team of passionate and knowledgeable youth to contribute to food security and build a food industry ecosystem. This is achieved by implementing the best management practices, governance principles, adoption of the most accurate professional and technical standards, and creating a work environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and continuous improvement, and to achieve sustainability and institutional excellence.

Our Story with Success

Since 2017, it has been clear to be one of the best companies, Qout Al Hijaz Company has set its sights on the goal of leading companies in the field of food industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Indeed, Qout Al Hijaz has been able to gain the trust of its customers over the past years by providing and preparing high-quality products and ready meals for various government and private agencies while ensuring that each meal meets the optimal standards of food safety through the implementation of safety and quality assurance procedures and the application of international quality standards.


We supply frozen vegetables and fruits to local, regional and global markets!


Better products through competitive features!